6 Best Qualities of Digital Marketers

Digital Marketer

In this Article, Ashok – Digital Marketing Specialist explains about qualities every Digital Marketers should’ve before starting their career in Digital Marketing.

Nowadays every sales professional & Digital Marketing students has this two questions on their mind:

  • “What is Digital Marketing?”
  • “Is Digital Marketing has a good growth in future?”

As a Digital Marketer, I get a lot of questions from my friends, college juniors & colleagues. To be frank, Here is my answer to all these questions. YES! but not everyone can become successful Digital Marketer 🙂 Here are few hacks to become successful DM.

Qualities you should’ve:

  • Build an Excellent Portfolio about you buddy, use about.me, strikingly.com
  • Spend atleast 14 hours on The Internet every day, to update you about consumers.
  • Don’t over commit yourself to giving conversion numbers to your employer or any clients (Freelancers).
  • Don’t believe only on Google Analytics 🙂 If you compare GA data with your local server data, you will understand what I’m trying to say.
  • Play with data’s and show graphs to your superior, not boring verbal facts.
  • Maintain good relationship with your Graphic designer & Data scientist, because they’re your stepstones for your Marketing Campaign Sucess.

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