What should be your future SEO strategy

What should be your future SEO strategy

Neil Patel, leading SEO specialist suggests key important points for formulating website’s future SEO Strategy.

As per a December 2014 Shareaholic report, social media dethroned search as the number one source of website referral traffic. And if you zoom out the picture, you’ll find that the traffic from social media has been picking up ever since 2011.

Mobile apps and messaging apps have also been serving as a primary source of traffic and commanding consumer’s attention.

Does that mean that search engines have lost relevance? What’s the point of performing SEO, if search won’t even exist 5 years from now?

Next thing, I’ve heard many gurus say is ‘SEO is dead’.


Not so much.

See search traffic is sustainable, repeatable and long-term. Consumers still search for products on Google while shopping.

SEO is alive and kicking. And I don’t see it lose steam at least in the next 5 years.

Now since marketers like you aren’t abandoning SEO, the landscape will get more competitive. So to get the edge, you’ve to stay updated with the latest trends.

Five years is like a lifetime in the rapidly moving internet industry. And in this article, you’ll see predictions for the SEO landscape in the same period.

Will we be able to recognize the new SEO era in the hyper-connected landscape of social and smartphone?

Let’s try to answer the question with the changes you can expect. 

Content discovery is going beyond web browsers

From being just a buzzword, Mobile has quickly become a major source of browsing the internet. ComScore pointed that we’re already past the mobile tipping point.

Number of google search done from Mobile

Indeed, a recent report claims that mobile has also become the chief source of commerce.

Moreover, the number of smartphone owners keeps on increasing. As per Statista, the mobile internet penetration will grow to 61.2 percent worldwide in 2018.

Future Smartphone Internet Penetration by Statista

We are getting more familiar and habitual to using the smaller screen for everyday activities. Google revealed that the number of mobile searches have triumphed over those from desktops.

But on mobile, you don’t just open search engines in mobile browsers for finding information.

There’s an easier method offering better user experience…

Mobile Apps..

84% of mobile time is spent on applications.


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