3 Key Rules of Digital Marketing Strategy for 2017

3 Key Rules of Digital Marketing Strategy for 2017

All we all Marketers saw drastic changes and updates in the Digital Marketing Industry like AMP, Google Penguin updates, FB Instant article, and of course Pokémon GO.  So by seeing all these I predict what are the three key things to consider when we create Digital Marketing Strategy.

Make your visuals Interesting:

Every customer gets engaged with the product when they see it visually, so make your product visual more interesting and convincing to your Target audience. It is also important to try visual channels like Instagram, Snapchat where you can target the right audience and get more conversions. When it comes to B2B marketing, marketers can use Infographics or simply adding a compelling visual aid to a piece of content to educate their client visually for using their product.

Influencing and engaging audience on Social Media channels:

Try to engage your fans/followers on social media channels by thanking, featuring them will be right idea to make audience engaged with brands social media channels. Marketers should also try Influencer marketing on social media channels by tagging their Twitter handles and Facebook pages on their social media posts to reach a large number of relevant new audience.

Track your conversions with right KPI’s 

The recent research data by Disruptive Marketing reveals that only 58% of Google Adwords accounts has optimized conversion tracking and out of which only 29% using proper conversion and KPI mechanism to track their campaign effectiveness. The other 71% of Marketers who is Google Adwords are not using proper conversion mechanism to track their leads or sales. So it is important for every Marketer to step back & look into their KPI & conversion tracking system.

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