Google starts Testing Instant Apps on Android Phones

Google starts Testing Instant Apps on Android Phones

Yesterday Google folks announced they’ve have started testing their Instant App initiative in a move that could make it easier for developers and companies to manage their mobile footprints. As we all know, Google spoke about their Instant Apps concept at Google I/O conference in May. The basic idea for launching the instant app is to meld the Web and native apps mix and match UI  Google would naturally be able to surface more information in the deal. The win for developers is that users can run apps without installing them.

Currently, Google is testing their Instant App with Periscope, Buzz Feed, Periscope, Wish and this project is open for all website and app business. If you’re a developer, all your existing apps will need to be restructured by modularizing it to allow the needed portion to be downloaded through Google Play. While the Instant Apps SDK is not publicly available yet, developers can start taking certain steps to be ready to implement Instant Apps for new, existing, and potential users of your application.

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