3 Digital Marketing tips to boost up your business

Data Driven Campaigns:

We all are in the age of big data and real-time analytics. Where every business wants their marketers to think more like data scientists and build their campaigns around customer analytics and real-time data. Hunches and lazy due diligence no longer have a place. Roughly in US 61% of senior  Marketing executives surveyed by Insights Reports said that data-driven marketing is crucial for success in this hyper-competitive global economy. This means leveraging the numbers for advanced segmentation, automated A/B testing, marketing campaign strategy, and better customer understanding.

Influencer Marketing:

As every Marketer agree that Content marketing still is king; Smart Insights research found that content marketing is viewed as the digital marketing activity with the greatest commercial impact in 2016, with 22 percent of businesses saying it is most important (the second most important elements were marketing automation and big data, unsurprisingly). Without effective distribution, however, content marketing is just noise. Bloggers with big followings realize this, and promoting company content through influencer marketing has now become big business and a leading marketing tactic that separates successful marketing from the rest.

A full 85 percent of bloggers will take money for writing blog posts that specifically benefit a brand, according to research by influencer marketing firm, GroupHigh, and many influencers now expect it. Independent and respected bloggers are now important links in the content marketing chain.

Marketing Automation:

I would suggest using which offers an all-in-one CRM that includes the advanced marketing automation features like Google Adwords, In-chat option, Mass Mailing etc.., and it is used by SME’s. It helps to track both Offline sales & Digital Marketing initiatives, The price point is also not expensive comparing with other Marketing automation tools available in the market. I would also recommend online Marketers to use a tool called “Intercom” to give a personalized approach to online users by showing them custom messages on the landing page.

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