Does Google Consider SEO to be Spam?

Does Google Consider SEO to be Spam?

SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimization” and it is the process of making sure that your site is well represented in Google. Some people believe that Google considers SEO to be spam, so today we’re going to explain why this isn’t the case and what will count as spam in the eyes of Google.

What is White-Hat SEO?

Have you ever heard the term “White hat SEO” or “Black Hat SEO”? In short, this is the difference between a quality site and a spammy site. In the end, if you’re playing it safe obeying the rules, your site can rank well without earning a Google penalty and being spammy. But what are some of those things? Well, making sure your site can be easily navigated and is crawlable is a big deal. You want easily accessible pages and clear contact information. Make sure that you’re not putting too much weight on your keywords and taking more time with your overall content. If you’re busy using industry lingo that nobody else can understand, It’s going to look black-hat and spammy and you could end up with a Google penalty. Google uses site speed and design as a way of judging whether or not your site is spammy. It’s important to make sure you’re paying attention and seeing your site for not only how you view it, but also how the rest of the world and even Google sees your site.

What is Black-Hat SEO?

It’s true. There are some digital marketing agencies who employ black-hat techniques, but they’re going to pay for it later. Keyword stuffing, sneaky redirects, duplicated content and link farming are all considered black hat SEO techniques and are absolute “don’t do’s” when it comes to SEO.

The Goal of Google

Google’s mission in life is to deliver immediate and very accurate results. The best way to rank your site well is to cooperate and be helpful. Real, quality SEO work is not spam. SEO is very helpful when it isn’t being abused, but because there are so many people out in the world abusing it, It’s easy to see why people might assume Google sees SEO as spam.

Search engines are not nearly as smart as humans. They’re working on it, yes. But it’s not there yet. Because of this, search engine optimization is the way that computers can understand people and make sure they find what they’re looking for. It’s not spam. SEO is the very foundation of online marketing. If you plan on growing your business, SEO is always a good first step. Don’t believe us? Maybe you should give it a try and get the phones ringing!

SEO is a wonderful tool for businesses and the world alike. It doesn’t have to be spammy. When you’re doing your own SEO, it’s your job to make sure you’re not filling the internet with useless garbage, and instead of adding wisdom to the conversation.

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