How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect your SEO?

Jessica Lambert from Webology explains how artificial intelligence has changed search engine ranking scale

How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect your SEO?

How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect SEO?

You may be asking yourself how artificial intelligence might affect SEO. And it’s an important question to ask. Not only for the sake of your business, but also for the sake of making a search on Google as it starts to think even more like a human being with each passing day. Today, we’re going to explore this question and find out how and what AI will change when it comes to SEO for the marketers of the world like ourselves. Ready to get started?

What Does This Mean for Digital Marketers?

Now this is an interesting question and definitely one worth exploring. Search engines are becoming increasingly more in tune with understanding what we mean when we run a voice search or write and publish content. In fact, images and video are becoming more important for SEO as search engines like Google learn to understand them and decipher them for more accurate search results. Artificial intelligence and voice search is beginning to dominate the internet. Google is having to adjust to this to deliver better and faster results and is whipping out AI that can analyze and create a product in less time than ever thought possible. In our modern age, people want immediate results. Google is combating this with better and faster AI. For digital marketers sticking to the rules and optimizing their content accordingly, this is great news. For those not sticking to the rules, it could end with a Google Penalty.

Artificial intelligence is going to have a major impact on SEO ranking algorithms because instead of just looking at keywords and links alone, Google is looking at the user intent signals and watching to see if the page or site met the requirements of a user. Such as answering a question or providing a service.

They’re Getting Better….

So as search engines get better and better at understanding search intent and native language. We need to ramp up our SEO capabilities and change with the times. That means doing a better job of researching keywords and including them without stuffing the content while also providing what a user has come to your site to retrieve or learn. We also need to think about SEO for video and image content and optimize it for new devices and voice searches.

Yes, AI does have a pretty major impact on SEO. The good news? It’s a wonderful impact because as the search engines become better at finding what a user needs on the internet, the more relevant the search and the more user satisfaction. Your goal should be to become the the one Google is sending search engine queries towards. Be the answer. And the only way to make sure that you are is to provide good, quality content and stick to what you know and why you do it. Have any input on AI and SEO? We’d love to hear from you!

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