The Importance of Social commerce

The Importance of Social commerce

What is it so appealing to people that they decided to purchase lock stock and barrel on the internet?

An outstanding shopping experience, that’s what.

eBay continues to be on top of the eCommerce revolution.

With 260 million downloads of its mobile app, the number of satisfied consumers builds up, you can spend hours loured by its magic offers, using lists with similar items, and end up with a bargain.

Social commerce is a must for active people today; it gives you the opportunity to share shopping experience with friends and buy the latest Nike sneakers without even leaving your social media channel tab. In reality, most people under 70 own at least two social media accounts. They use it to call their loved ones, conduct business relations and fritter away time.

So why not enrich the whole experience with buying something through one of these platforms?

You are now able to purchase things on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram among other platforms.

Pinterest has added a ”Shopping Cart”, Facebook has its ”Shop Now” stores, and the consumers love the convenient improvement. The real importance of social commerce lies in bringing the buyer and seller together. The buyer is armed with knowledge prior to purchasing.  He knows the payment details and how long the shipping is going to take, and he decides whether to buy based on that. More and more customers are eager to own unique, limited edition items they see on social media.Instead of running from store to store and waiting in a long checkout line, you have unlimited merchandise at your fingertips from the warmth of your home.

Besides, online shopping feels like buying yourself a present. 67% of USA millennials would rather shop online than in an actual store.Evidently, social commerce is boosting this trend big time. The fact that 54% of customers are reading reviews on social media before making a purchase is astonishing. They rely on real people’s opinion rather than the recommendation of a store clerk.Some of the reasons people prefer to buy online are the vast assortment and the ability to shop any time of the day, anywhere. As busy as we are today, limited store hours are something we want to avoid, as are long-distance stores, checkout lines, and astronomic prices.

The rising usage of social commerce adds another dimension to the online purchase as you get to experience a sense of community. People apart from each other connect with the sole purpose of trading goods for money. Their business relationship matures, and they stay in touch for future collaboration. It’s a place where people interact with their favorite brands and make use of the purchase function. Messenger, Whatsapp, and Snapchat are all at your service, enabling you to talk to the seller privately, discuss quality and payment.  You get to know the seller and his story better. If you have an online business, on the other hand, you have got to stay in the game by utilizing online marketing strategies and offering your clients something they can’t resist.

About 80% of time spent on social media channels comes from mobile devices. Your social media presence is going to help increase sales, which means you must put your heart into luring audience and clients.

After you’ve established your media presence, entertain shoppers with content. Vibrant content such as photos and videos drives in more of the interested browsers, but they get bored easily with text-only posts. Your posts have to create excitement. The followers like when you post relevant content and when you do it regularly.

Many ambitious online merchants have reached out to the community for help.  They create campaigns with bloggers and reviewers of the hour to promote their shops. Millennials love having their peers demonstrating and reviewing products and services, so they follow such endeavors passionately. Younger generations rarely watch TV or listen to the radio, so your focus should be on baiting them on social media, as they are the ones paying.

Why do you think Nike is the most followed brand on social media? Fans and sports lovers follow its every move on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Their pages are updated daily, and the posts that entice most traffic seem to be product-related as opposed to celebrities wearing Nike apparel. The Nike media team has done its research – since Pinterest users are mostly women, they’ve established a Nike Women page. They regularly post inspirational quotes and empowering messages, so active women and those who strive for success devour it. It is the most followed brand on Instagram and one of the leading brands on Facebook.

Nordstrom is another established name that loves to hear from their fans on social media, so they are determined to respond to comments and suggestions. There is no magic recipe to succeed in eCommerce. However, utilizing the latest trends and listening to your clients can help.

Do not think of social commerce as a burden, think of it as a way to highlight your brand’s qualities and a way to thank your customers. Listed below are some tidbits on social commerce, and how your business can benefit from a social media presence.

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